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How Lezaveg Works

You submit shidduch idea

Whether you can think of a match for a friend, a neighbor, or a family member, your idea counts. Submit it here to get the ball rolling.

Lezavag retains shadchan

Your shidduch idea is forwarded to some of the finest shadcahnim in the country who are partnered with Lezaveg to make more matches possible.

You get shadchanis gelt!

Once the shiddech is done, you get %10 Of the shaddchnes gelt the shaddchen makes from both mechitunim, just for submitting the idea.

All it takes is an idea and an upload

Ideas are everywhere. Even non-shadchanim think of the occasional shidduch that may be just right. So when you have a good idea, don’t keep it to yourself. Putting it in motion is really easy: Just click here, punch in the details for both sides, and let Lezaveg work on it while you think of your next great idea.

About Lezaveg

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Lezaveg is the perfect match for the shidduch crisis

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Igniting a matchmaking revolution

Lezaveg is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stem the global Jewish shidduch crisis. As a platform, our aim is to activate the masses, simplify the shidduch suggestion process, and compound the abilities of community shadchanim through an idea handoff model.

In a line, Lezaveg crowdfunds shidduchim

Developed by a marriage between frum shadchanim and esteemed roshei yeshiva, Lezaveg was inspired after witnessing the shortage of qualified shadchanim and the rising rates of frum singles. This platform now helps facilitate the sharing of ideas between anyone with a great shidduch thought and professional shadchanim in our network.

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